Just a couple of things for which I am extremely grateful

Two weeks vacation in Canada – seeing relatives for the first time in 20 years, and really loving the fact that, had we all grown up together, the cousins, and my sisters and I, we would have got on like a house on fire, because we all fundamentally have the same morals, values and outlook on life!

A long weekend in London, not only seeing my gorgeous skater sisters, but also visiting with friends who I’ve not seen in years, since I left London in 2010!

An absolutely fucking marvellous camping weekend with just ten of my beautiful ladies – sun, pool and screaming laughter were mandatory!

My parents visiting this week – seeing them all relaxed and happy, and excited to be going on road trips at their age, after they’ve worked so hard all their lives. They finally get to take a chill pill, and see the world!

Living in Luxembourg for about 5.5 years, being with my friends – the family I chose – and being a million times closer to understanding myself!

I’m going to Bali in 18 days… for 4 weeks!!!!!

I still have a pulse 😀

…oh, and I can’t forget this amaze-balls weather!!

Have a beautiful sunshiny day my friends xxx

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