Ooooo errrr Madame Joe!

Ooooo errrr Madame Joe!

In 2012 I stopped over in Bangkok on the way back from a trip to Australia. The decision came about after I had spoken to an old friend of mine, who was also my first love. Yes, you read that right – he was my first love at the tender age of 16. All I can say is, my choice in partners went downhill after that… but hindsight is always 20/20!

Walking down one of the streets not far from the infamous Kao San Road, we came across

Madame Joe's Thai Massage

and I pretty much decided on the spot that we would both be getting a Thai massage here… so in we went. We had to get changed, taking off all underwear as well, and putting on these loose linen clothes, Thai fishing pants and a shirt.

When I lay down on that cot, I didn’t realise just how vigorous a Thai massage is – the woman was literally bending me into all sorts of shapes and positions, arms and legs sticking out at angles, all my muscles being loosened up. I didn’t know that I had so many sore spots all over my body until she ran her strong, firm fingers lithely across them. It wasn’t sensual at all. Please do not misinterpret my words here. But damn, she was standing over me, walking on my thighs, ass and back.

To this day I have not had a massage that felt nearly as good. Sigh…


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  1. Sounds like they get the soreness out of you by putting it into you. :O)


    1. JojoBean says:

      I had to read your comment twice there… lol but yep, it was VERY intense, and totally marvellous!


      1. I don’t know if you’ve heard of The Amazing Race? It’s a television show, and once the contestants were in Bangkok, and part of the competition called for them to get one of those messages. They looked like they had come out feeling like they were tortured. 😀

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      2. JojoBean says:

        No, I’ve not seen it, but I can imagine how they felt! Oh the pain, and the pleasure… there’s a lot to be said for a balance of the two! 😀


      3. Yep, it’s like the bitter and the sweet. Somehow they always seem to go together.


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