I got snow… then sunshine!

I got snow… then sunshine!

As my sister, Rana, always says, “Even if it’s a grey day, remember, the sun always shines above the clouds!”

And so it was that I left an incredibly wet, snowy and grey Luxembourg on Friday morning, with really awful visibility, and found myself soaring under a blue canopy, the sun glistening off the clouds below…


Flying over Sweden is beautiful when there are just a few clouds dotted about the vista as you look down. Right now all the lakes are freezing, some frozen over already – you really can’t tell which are lakes and which are fields, especially when you don’t have any experience of frozen lakes, and only minimum experience of freezing weather in general!

And then there are the massive lakes which would appear like a sea before you, should you stand at the edge… they even have estuaries, narrowing down to thinner rivers and streams criss-crossing the terrain, or so I like to imagine. You can see what look like paths or roads covered in snow, but then, from that distance, they could have been rivers.

Either way, it was stunning to my untrained eyes.

I took great pleasure in watching all the patterns laid out before me in shades of grey, white and evergreen… a backdrop of blue sky dotted with small fluffy clouds took your eye right to the white cloudy but dark line of the horizon, seeming to run parallel to the plane where you sit.

There really is beauty everywhere in this world. If only each of us took more time to appreciate what’s in front of us, then maybe we wouldn’t be so bothered about what everyone else is doing…

I love this. I could sit here and appreciate all of this on my own. But isn’t it so lovely to be able to share such magical moments with others?!

So, I really am happy that I am able to share them with you. Thank you for allowing me to! One love xx

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