ode to Sinead and Jake

When you told me you were getting married,
I smiled in disbelief…
after all these years?!
I’m sure that even your parents felt some relief.
You two aren’t a typical whirlwind romance,
But rather, slow burners –
giving your love a real chance.
I didn’t imagine either of you as the “fairytale wedding” types
But a girl usually has just one chance
to get this whole wedding shebang just right!
So why not a castle with its own lake,
bridesmaids, archways of hydrangeas,
and an hundred or so guests?!
You look stunning, my darling –
And it’s not just that beautiful dress!
So while Jake may not be your typical groom
– minus best man, incessant nausea,
and with a pending air of “doom” –
he’s the luckiest man now that he’s stood next to you.
For those of you who have experienced love and marriage,
I hope Sinead and Jake remind you of the vows you once spoke,
Facing each other, eye to eye
Committing yourselves to one another
In sickness, health, and love – for life.
The depth of these vows to each other
They are sacred, and are blessings
– though same may say along the line,
also a curse!
But I reckon losing love, or never finding it, could be worse.
You’ve given us joy, and hope – and a dreamy sense of wonder…
That shows us just how much you mean to each other.
And at the end of the day,
all us single people still really believe,
That one day we might ourselves take centre stage
in just as beautiful a ceremony of love
As we’ve all been witness to today.

A poem written for a good friend and her husband, and gifted to them on their wedding day. I just hope they really love it – it took me months of writing and editing to get it to this standard, and I really enjoyed working on it! 🙂

Written content is © All rights are reserved. May 2017.

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