LOVE – you painful, gorgeous emotion…

When you’ve been in pain, you unknowingly forced your heart to close, steel bars sprang up – I wonder when this heart will be free again.

The irony, that you’re so free with your love, that you love and adore all, or at least try to, yet you don’t allow yourself to be loved in return.

Love means many things.

The laughter we encourage over stupid drinking games. The dirty and dark jokes we share. The truth that we confront, most especially when we don’t want, to hear it or see it.

Love is the pain, the closing of your heart, and the opening up of it again.

Love is in the worry, the fear, the pride and the joy of someone else, and of yourself too.

Love beats all fear, wins hands down at a game of chance – no matter if the outcome is positive or not.

LOVE – you painful, gorgeous emotion…

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