summer storms

My dad once told me, about 20 years ago, that the weather comes in cycles, every 10 years or so. Okay, so climate change has kind of made that regularity change somewhat, or so I would have thought!

However, I got a notification this morning about a memory I had on Facebook 9 years ago today:

summer storms:
clouds caught
the fading light
at dusk
and the rain begins
to pour;
a loud crack
of thunder
and lightening whips
across the darkened sky.
the wind has
picked up,
trees bending
under its force.
but now
all you can hear is
the heavy rain
running down your windows;
you sit cozy
in your home.


There was a wicked and hammering summer storm last night also, so it seems the weather isn’t so crazy out of sync as I thought!


Written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

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  1. catlover57 says:

    There was indeed! My poor cat was terrified!

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    1. JojoBean says:

      Oh dear! Yes, I can imagine it would be terrifying for any animals out there… even my friend has a fear of summer storms, and she’s got a big house and duvet to get under! LOL hope you’re well my dear 🙂


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