taking courage in being disliked

have the courage to be disliked


I love this notion – because, in my opinion, it simply means that the less value that you place on other peopoles’ opinions – of you, your actions, and/or your words – then the more freedom you will have to make (life) decisions based on your needs, desires and wants rather than on the emotional baggage of others.

I came across this quote quite by mistake, but perhaps not – I’ve been meditating a lot on this point in particular, and how a very large part of my character is that I really like people to like me; I’m an entertainer by nature, and I feel like I’m often invited to weddings, parties and gatherings as I’m skilled at making people laugh and feel good.

However, I also meditated that it would be so much easier to make life changing decisions if people didn’t like me – because then I wouldn’t feel responsible for making them feel good, no matter the situation. My needs would be a priority.

The idea of prioritising myself over others is quite alien to me. I’m learning though – we always do, don’t we?


JojoBean xx


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