“Luck Is What Happens

When Preparation Meets Opportunity”


I was having a conversation over the weekend at a friend’s birthday gathering. We were discussing housing in Luxembourg, and the fact that a lot of first-time buyers can’t actually afford the housing in the city.  I mentioned my own housing situation and the fact that I have been renting in the city centre since 2011, commenting that I was a very “fortunate” person (rents are steep in Luxembourg City).

So, what is the difference between saying you’re “fortunate”, “lucky” or “blessed”?

As per the quote, I believe that “luck” is really something that you make for yourself. In the same way, I also believe that you make your own fortune, but not by any means of preparation, but rather by simply “being” – through your actions, aka the Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving.  The other way of looking at that is to consider oneself “blessed”.

For while I do not believe I’m necessarily lucky, I do believe I am fortunate – for what I have given to others, whether it was a kind word or gesture, my time or energy, I have received many gifts in a number of ways in return. In this sense, I am fortunate.

But I do believe I am blessed too.

I was born into a body with Caucasian skin and am blessed to not have to wear too much make up. My birth lottery lucked out when I was born in Muslim Kuwait to a Christian Lebanese/Palestinian mother and an agnostic father, who himself was born in the UK to an evangelical Latvian mother and Jewish Russian father. We weren’t rich, but neither were we poverty-stricken. My mother has a great creative streak and a good head for maths, whereas my father is a genius linguist, and I also believe one of the last living encyclopedias on the planet!

I mean, how is it possible to NOT be the person I am today with THAT background?

Recently I had to face a hard truth – that over the past year I was becoming judgemental, and toxic, most especially to myself. It all came to a head around Easter this year, and I had to cut myself off for a while, turning towards healing my mind, body and soul through meditation, kickboxing, tai chi and yoga.

No one out there was going to address my mindset or feelings at that moment but myself.

However, I had of course the support and love of family and friends to see me through that “mid-life crisis” (yes, I’ll admit it), for whom I am incredibly grateful. Some just held me while I cried, others offered unsolicited advice, and still others just let me be, trusting me to come back to them when I could. Sometimes I appreciated their attention, but a lot of times I didn’t. I just didnt’ want anyone to really worry about me too much.

I only had to remember who I was.

I couldn’t keep taking on board what others kept repeating to me over the past 9 years, the questions of, “so when is it your turn?”, with regards marriage and kids, or even just a steady relationship with someone, with anyone!

I guess with my nature and personality, a lot of people (friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, strangers even, lol) couldn’t work out why I remained single for so long.

You see, I have since worked out that, generally, Society doesn’t like women who are on their own, in no relationship with no dependents, and not looking after anyone in particular but themselves.

Society doesn’t like it that some women aren’t following the traditional notion of what it means “to be a woman”.

Society (and that includes my serene sisters as well as my beautiful brothers), doesn’t really like women who are different – they don’t understand us, or at least, they do understand us but resent the fact that we chose not to have children or get tied up in a relationship we don’t really want.

Society doesn’t like that it can’t relate to us.

I assume that Society, like all human beings, is scared of what it doesn’t understand, and moreover, is afraid of anything that doesn’t sit nice and neatly in a box, with a pretty pink bow on it (or whatever colour).

All I can say to that is:

“My darling girl, when are you going to understand that being normal is not necessarily a virtue, it rather denotes a lack of courage.”

aunt frances
Aunt Frances, Practical Magic


Thanks Aunt Frances!


JojoBean xx


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  1. Romantic Ninja says:

    Luck Is What Happens
    When Preparation Meets Opportunity … I like this! 🙂

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    1. JojoBean says:

      Yes, and I’m rarely prepared when opportunity knocks! LOL my bad… I’m working on it though 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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