ode to Jessica

I first met Jessica in a church while singing in the choir…

she was a quiet and timid girl,

with a wealth of sunlight shining from her.

Pause 1, 2, 3…

Okay, well the latter part is true at least! 😉

We were kind of in a church – it was a Sunday for a start!

The DJ played house music

under the blue sky,

right here in Luxembourg.

By the river

We shook our butts to funky beats,

stupid grins plastered on our faces –

somehow I knew

we would be going places.

From Soul Kitchen to Steiler’s,

from visiting each others houses,

for monthly gatherings, or even when

your first child was born – gorgeous Jaydee,

at whose birthday parties

we always met up with your beautiful family

and friends

we can never forget real friends either.

And how we have laughed –

and giggled –

quite uncontrollably over the years!

More often than not, brought to tears,

of joy, no less.

And sometimes it all turned out

a bit of a mess –

such as on our camping trips –

even when they’re a source of annual happiness.


When beautiful Leyla arrived

We all gathered around once more

ooooohh-ing and aaaahhh-ing

at this little bundle of joy


You’re a traveller, a wanderer.

A mother, daughter and a sister.

You’re a ray of sunshine, in a sometimes grey world.

And when you told us that you would be marrying your world, Nico,

I think some of us were a little envious 😉

Though of course no wedding exists without a proper send off…

So off to Croatia we flew!



We sang and danced, naked by the pool – and of course, swam too –

And as we got merrier, I’m sure the neighbours were getting a good view!

We ate beautiful Dalmatian food until our bellies were full.

Touring several islands via boat off the coast of Split –

it didn’t suit some but we couldn’t get around it!

All I know

is that wherever you go

you bring warmth and joy

to the people you know.

All of us here are blessed to know you in return.


Wishing you and Nico the best, most joyful, warm and happy marriage! I know it will be filled with laughter and good times.


Love always, Jojo xx

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