Don’t let someone else fuck up your sparkle! And don’t fuck up someone else’s…

Look, I’m not naive, I know you can’t constantly maintain a positive attitude towards everything that happens in life, but you can try… you can stop putting obstacles in your path that weren’t there, or at least anywhere but your mind. You can stop over-analysing and worrying about things you can’t, and never will, control. You can control how you react – you can control your emotions, but you can’t control others, or random life events. You can look at your emotions, examine them, see what they are trying to tell you, and learn from them – but don’t let them overtake you!

And don’t ever, EVER, feel like you are the only person who has problems in this world – you are not.

The world does not revolve around you. Speak to people, but don’t offload on them EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU SPEAK TO THEM – it’s tiring, and completely self-centred.

We are all on this planet together, in this sinking ship, or flying high in this boat… however you choose to see the world, that is YOUR choice. But don’t ever fuck up someone else’s sparkle and leech off their energy, just because you can’t control yourself. There is a solution – pay a therapist!

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it will be ok




Just sayin’… this isolation thing sucks for us all, the 3 billion people on the planet who chose to isolate from one another to slow the spread of this novel virus, COVID19. We can either let it pull us into darkness, or find the beauty in every day, in the little things, in ourselves.

One love folks, peace ✌️✌️

…and remember:



Kisses xx

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