why “no filter, no edit”?

Funny thing is, my sister thought up the name change for this blog – she saw me using the footnote, “no filter, no edit” and pretty much jumped at it… “But Jo, that is just so YOU!”

When it comes down to it, I guess it’s the case that in quite a lot of my actions, words and deeds, I am pretty direct, straightforward… some would say blunt, but I prefer to think of myself as efficient (that’s the German heritage, I’m sure). I know that my sister knows that, and so I agreed. Well, improvement doesn’t always come all on its own, does it?

So why write a blog at all? Why do I feel that my words and images will be heard and seen? Perhaps there is an egotistical side that would like people to recognise and appreciate my perceptions of this world, that perhaps, somehow, my images and words will present a new perspective from which the reader hasn’t stood before. That is what is so evocative of writing and photography – the transportation of one’s senses into someone else’s vision.

I sonder a lot, amongst other things of course. What does that mean? It means that I often am in the middle of doing something then a person will catch my eye, and I’ll cock my head to one side, looking at them as they continue on their way, wondering what they are doing, where they are going, whether they will receive love or a hug today, and how complex and different that person’s life may be to mine.

I really do not like to stick people in boxes, mainly because I detest being stuck in a box. I know that I have been known to generalise, but when one makes a generalisation, it must be understood that it is understood that there are many exceptions (like with the French language). However, despite me simply “being”, I do relate to a number of descriptions:

I am a traveller, a seeker of happiness. An adventurer, and an achievement hunter.

I love humanity – and simultaneously despise it.

I am a third-generation child. I am a feminist, an egalitarian.

I am emotion and thought, feeling and action.

I am a stoner, an organiser, an activist.

I am a photographer and writer, a poet and philosopher.

I am forever adaptable, because being any other way may break me.

I believe in respect and integrity for all life on this planet. I respect death as part of life, and understand it is necessary for new growth.

Everything goes around in circles.

I believe everyone has potential, if you take the time for them, and you make the time to listen.

I believe time is the most precious gift each of us can give.

I am a student and a teacher.

I am a dreamer and a muse.

I inspire and give hope.

I am.

Three years after starting and stopping with this blog, then starting again, I did wonder if I should continue with it. But three years on, I understand myself better – I am everything I want to be, and so much more than I ever realised before.

Moreover, I want to inspire people to step out of their comfort zones. I want people to question, not only my somewhat LOUD musings, but also themselves and the paths they travel.

If my words and images can somehow help someone in their time of need, then let that be the sole purpose of this blog. I have removed any negative content.

The writing is all mine – unless I am appreciating another writer’s work, or using quotes.

The photographs are all mine – unless I have used an image of the person alongside their quote.

My written and photographic content is © All rights are reserved.

All the topics included herewith are all presented from MY POINT OF VIEW. Each of you may have a different perspective, but that’s what makes blogging with followers so great – they can question you, and you in turn can question yourself.

At the end of the day I know I need to write – especially a record of how exciting, interesting and rewarding life is. MY life. I am so grateful!

So, here’s to my family, and my amazing support network of friends, as well as all those beautiful people out there who keep teaching me something new – about myself, and the world – every day.

One love,

Jojo xx

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  1. Matt says:

    After much deliberation I conclude that the sound of one handed clap depends entirely on what you clap that one hand against.. The toned muscle of a thigh for example, resonates quite differently to the fleshy mass of a bum. I prefer the bum..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. JojoBean says:

      You nailed it babe! X

      Liked by 2 people

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