Happy Sunday people!

Drinking games in Luxembourg… summer finally started! Peace and love to you all. Happy Sunday xx

Running in Kockelscheuer

Running in Kockelscheuer, 1 May 2016 #nofilter Appreciating the majesty of living in my city, Luxembourg. Happy Sunday all! One love, peace xx

New Word Wonder!

New Word Wonder! Hell yeah… to ALL my loons out there, I say namas’cray to YOU!! Happy Friday – bring on the weekend, wooooo!! 😊 One love xx

Ships, tiles, crystal clear waters and big smiles

In 2012 I visited Debrovnik in Croatia with a good friend of mine. Here are a few photos depicting my personal highlights, including a multitude of colours and textures. It is a truly beautiful city.

Twinkle twinkle

Partaking in Christmas cheer with friends! Beautiful crisp night, and fires all round. #nofilter © All rights are reserved

Being auntie Jojo…

I love children… well, the ones that have started to develop their own little personalities, but don’t yet answer back! You know that age?

Desert Flower

You appear at night, cool before the dawn – in a distant timezone, the air still warm. You call me angel, yet who are you? Your words convoluted, strange grammar galore. I saw your strain, your stress to burst free, to break forth, but still be. And I hear your heart through written words, and…

Dilip Aiya – Warrior of Light, Teacher & Friend

“Love is a perform-able miracle!” My dear friend, you passed away at the beginning of this year… you’ll be missed by 100s, if not 1000s, of your friends and followers, the people you met throughout your life. The cheekiness on your face, in your eyes and smile! How the world misses you, my dear brother……