reblog: 5 things my newborn taught me, which 10 years running a business didn’t

So often, we lose sight of what is truly important to us – spending time with friends, and/or family, travelling, exploring, just being (to name a few of mine). I was looking back through some of my sisters older blog posts, and came across thie one: 5 things my newborn taught me, which 10 years…

Her infinite variety

[…] Never, he will not: Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale Her infinite variety. Other women cloy The appetites they feed, but she makes hungry Where most she satisfies. Just came across this and thought it is lovely. Enjoy your Sunday eve folks xx Source:


Until I find you I will be dating the ocean and its breeze Until you find me flirt with every cycle of the moon as you breathe Until I am ready for you I will be kissing the sun good morning and good evening Until you are ready for me make love to the seven…

Hunger Mountain| Publishing Opportunity

Originally posted on The Reverie:
We at The Reverie Journal are trying to create a community where we help each other. Each week, we give you a prompt for writing, we try to highlight one of you poets (If you’d like to be in the spotlight on Wednesday learn more here) and on Thursdays we…

REBLOG: We can be heroes

In a world of uncertainty and a mass shift in consciousness, it’s nice to know that the little things we do for others each day does make a difference, even if we’re not famous, or well known.

REBLOG: Highlights for Children | Publishing Opportunity

Originally posted on The Reverie:
I know we must have some poets out there who enjoy writing children’s poetry. I’ve never been much good at it myself, but we at The Reverie want to share multiple opportunities with our poets for potential publication. Of course, we certainly hope you’ll still consider submitting with us for…

REBLOG: Why life is too short

Inspiring! “There are two cranes in front of my house. One night I watched as one moved, and then the other, to face in the complete opposite direction. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was past midnight. I looked again at their cabins, there didn’t seem to be anyone inside. I realised the wind was…

REBLOG: The elephant conservationist

So, as you may or may not know, I have a fourth sister… who isn’t a skater girl! She is my absolute best friend, the only constant in my life since I was 1.5 years old. Her name is Rana.