REBLOG: We can be heroes

In a world of uncertainty and a mass shift in consciousness, it’s nice to know that the little things we do for others each day does make a difference, even if we’re not famous, or well known.

“[…] People always want to work in a useful profession. But is it really fair to say that some are more useful than others? Being a doctor, or working in charity are really good, helpful jobs to have. But not everyone can be that. Who would do all the other jobs that we have? Who would run our shops, look after our kids, or help us with our taxes? And when someone does that job really well, don’t you just notice it? Love it? Doesn’t it make your day? Because honestly, who knows how to do their own taxes, cut their own hair, invest their own money so that they can retire one day?! Even if you’re making a small difference in someone else’s life, that’s not nothing. That’s still doing a job, that’s help that person would not have had without you. You might not be famous, but you’re essential. […]”

Read more here: We can be heroes

“You might not be famous, but you’re essential.”

I just love that feeling of appreciation, of being essential; that one small look of gratitude and the little words “thank you” can say more than a thousand words.

I don’t help people out or be there when they need someone, in order to get a reaction, so it makes it more special when the person I’m helping out shows their appreciation for me, for the time I am giving.

So spread the love, peoples – we are all heroes, to varying degrees, to a multitude of people with whom we touch lives every day.

Peace xx

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